Regional Conciliation and Mediation Board (RCMB) OIC-Director Theresa M. Francisco of RCMB XI has reported to Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz the settlement of the preventive mediation case involving Davao Farms Corporation, an establishment engaged in farm and agribusiness, and its union, Davao Farms Workers Union, with management approving the establishment of a livelihood center for its workers.


“I am pleased to report that the parties in the dispute, after a scheduled conciliation-mediation decided to settle with an agreement that will provide additional income to the workers of Davao Farms through the establishment of a livelihood center,” Director Francisco reported.


Davao Farms, located in Catalunan Pequeno in Davao del Sur, was represented by its President Uy Ching Siong, while the union, which has 67 members, was represented by its legal counsel, Atty. Fortunato Maranan.


Director Francisco said Conciliatior-Mediator Aerine Marie Reyes facilitated the settlement.


Secretary Baldoz, citing the report, noted the fast resolution and settlement of the dispute, saying this will be good for the management and workers of the farm.


“An amicable settlement is always beneficial. It prevents prolonged legal conflict which is hurtful to industrial peace and harmony. I commend the union and management of Davao Farms for coming to an agreement, thereby avoiding work disruption,” she added.


According to Director Francisco, the union field a preventive mediation case on 20 October for alleged unfair labor practice due to the management’s violation of the CBA provision on the construction of a livelihood center; non-issuance of safety paraphernalia, such as boots and raincoats; and non-issuance of company I.D.


During the initial conference the management of Davao Farms agreed to provide the 67 remaining boots and raincoats to the union members and issue I.D. to all workers. It also committed to the construction of a livelihood center for the union members during the first quarter of 2016.


Davao Farms Workers-Associated Labor Unions represents 76 union members for its collective bargaining purposes.



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