Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said the signing yesterday by President Duterte of an executive order strictly prohibiting illegal contacting and subcontracting practices is a heartening gift to the Filipino workers on Labor Day.

“We would like to thank the President for fulfilling his commitment to the Filipino workingman. His gesture is a heartening gift to the workers on Labor Day,” Bello said.

Bello added, “The signing by President Duterte of the EO spells clearly the policy of his government to fully end illegal contracting and subcontracting practices.”

“Ito ang kanyang paraan ng pagbibigay pugay sa manggagawang Pilipino, ang dangal ng ating lahi at kabalikat ng pamahalaan tungo sa pagbabago,” he also said.

In signing the EO, the President said the government will not rest until it puts an end to ‘endo’ by eradicating all forms of abusive employment practices through the strict enforcement of the provisions of the Labor Code. The order ensures workers’ security of tenure.

Based on the EO, contracting or subcontracting when undertaken to circumvent the worker’s rights to security of tenure, self-organization and collective bargaining and peaceful concerted activities pursuant to the 1987 Philippine Constitution is strictly prohibited.

The EO authorizes the Secretary of Labor, in consultation with the National Tripartite Industrial Peace Council (NTIPC) under Art. 290 (c) of the Labor Code, as amended, to determine activities which may be contracted out.

Security of tenure refers to the right of employees not to be dismissed or removed without just or authorized cause and observance of procedural due process.

Based on the EO, the principal employer engaged in any arrangement shall be considered the direct employer of the workers for all purposes.

Duterte had earlier ordered Bello to submit an inventory of companies engaged in labor-only contracting practices.

“Your days are numbered. I warned you before, and now, I warned you again. Stop endo and illegal contractualization,” Duterte said

At the same time, the President also said that the signed EO is not enough to end ‘endo’ and other illegal employment practices. He urged Congress to pass pending laws to ensure security of tenure.

The EO will take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in a newspaper of general circulation.

END/Abegail De Vega

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