The number of bus drivers and bus conductors who have benefited from fixed salaries not lower than minimum wage and other mandatory socio-monetary benefits and incentives have reached 21,181 in 2014 because of the DOLE’s strict implementation of Department Order No. 118-12.

Labor and Employment Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz announced this yesterday at the DOLE’s 2014 Year-end Press Conference at the DOLE in Intramuros, Manila, saying 924 public bus companies with 9,356 bus units in 13 regions were issued labor standards compliance certificates (LSCCs) in 2014 as proof that they have conformed with Department Order No. 118-12, or the Rules and Regulations Governing the Employment and Working Conditions of Drivers and Conductors in the Public Utility Bus Transport Industry.

The Labor Standards Compliance Certificate attests to a bus company’s compliance to the provisions of D.O. 118-12. These compliances include the payment of the part-fixed and part-performance pay, social benefits, and better condition at work.

It is also a part of the requirements in the renewal of franchise with the Land Transportation and Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

“Bus drivers and bus conductors enjoyed better pay and better working conditions this year because of D.O. 118-12,” said Baldoz.

D.O. 118-12 mandates a fixed- and performance-based compensation scheme for bus drivers and conductors, wherein the fixed wage component should “in no case be lower than the applicable minimum wage or basic wage, plus cost of living allowance for work performed during normal hours/days”. The fixed- and performance-based compensation scheme includes the 13th month pay, holiday pay, and other benefits. The performance-based component is based on business performance, safety performance and other parameters.

According to Baldoz, the DOLE implements the strategy outlined under D.O. 118-12 to improve the productivity of bus companies and their workers through fixed and performance-based pay and the provision of social security and welfare benefits to bus drivers and conductors.

D.O. 118-12, issued on 13 January 2012, is a reform measure to ensure public road transport safety by improving the working conditions, compensation, and competence of bus drivers and conductors. It aims to reduce traffic violation incidence and other vehicular accidents, among other productivity gains.

The labor and employment chief explained that the 924 labor standards compliance certificates to the PUB companies translates to 10,887 bus drivers and 10,294 bus conductors, or 21,181 workers.

She noted that in Metro Manila, there are 97 public utility bus (PUB) companies issued with LSCCs. These companies own a total of 3,561 bus units and employ 3,927 drivers and 3,632 conductors.

In the Cordillera Administrative Region, 76 PUB companies with 251 bus units employing 266 drivers and 225 conductors have secured their LSCCs, while in the Ilocos Region, 1,514 PUB companies with 549 bus units employing 545 drivers and 544 conductors have been issued their   LSCCs.

In Region 2, 48 PUB companies with 387 bus units employing 545 drivers and 544 conductors have been issued their LSCCs. In Central Luzon, 34 bus companies with 1,049 bus units employing 1,340 drivers and 1,371 conductors have also been issued LSSCs.

LSCCs have also been issued to 22 bus companies in Region 4-A with 1,221 bus units employing 1,383 drivers and 1,359 conductors. In the Bicol Region, 75 PUB companies with 509 bus units employing 545 drivers and 387 conductors have been issued their LSCCs. Four bus companies with 744 bus units employing 1,113 drivers and 1,026 conductors were issued LSCCs in Region 6.

In Region 7, a bus company with two bus units employing two conductors and drivers was issued its LSCC. In Region 9, only three bus companies with 59 bus units employing 59 drivers and 59 conductors have been issued their LSCCs.

LSCCs have been issued to three bus companies in Region 10 with 285 bus units employing 612 drivers and 601 conductors. In Region 11, some 46 bus companies with 591 bus units employing 740 drivers and 832 conductors were issued LSCCs. In Region 12, one bus company with 159 bus units employing 159 drivers and 159 conductors have been issued their LSCCs.



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