The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) awarded over P1.34 billion in monetary awards to 19,843 workers through Labor Dispute Resolution mechanisms in 2016.

Bello, citing a report of National Conciliation and Mediation Board (NCMB) Executive Director Shirley Pascual, said that as of November 30, 2016, the NCMB settled 5,872 cases through ADR mechanisms which resulted to P1.340 billion in monetary awards to 19,843 workers.

“Alternative dispute resolution is an effective way to provide labor justice in a speedy and impartial approach,” said Bello.

Bello said that the settled cases covered 147 notices of strikes/lockouts; 361 in preventive mediation cases; 298 in voluntary arbitration; and 5,054 in Single Entry Approach (SeNA).


In her report, Pascual emphasized that among all settled cases, the highest monetary award resulted from the resolution of 298 out of the 550 cases handled through Voluntary Arbitration which amounted to P829.7 million benefitting 302 workers.

A total of 147 notice of strikes/lockouts were settled from the 205 cases handled which resulted to P229.9 million monetary awards to 3,236 workers.


Of the 5,615 request for assistance (RFA) handled through the Single Entry Approach (SeNA), 4,091 were settled resulting to P158 million in monetary awards to 4,566 workers.
A total of 361 cases from the 423 handled through Preventive Mediation were settled which resulted to P122.9 million monetary awards to 1,739 workers.


Bello also underscored the increased operation of Labor Management Cooperations (LMC) and Grievance Machineries (GM) in companies to resolve labor disputes through the promotion of good labor-management relations.

“The presence of LMCs and GMs in establishments continues to be one of the factors that resolve plant-level grievances,” Bello added, giving credit to 48 GMs operationalized and 175 GMS instituted in both in organized and unorganized establishments nationwide.



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