The efforts of the  government to end illegitimate forms of contractualization, including ‘endo’, is gaining ground as 10,532  workers  were voluntary regularized by 195  employers after the conduct of consultations and assessment by the DOLE Regional Offices nationwide.


“In just 100 days, 10, 532 workers were regularized by their employers. This means that we are on track in our objective to reduce illegitimate contractualization practices and endo by 50 percent by the end of 2016 and abolishing it by 2017,” said Bello.


Secretary Bello, citing a report from OIC Director Alvin Curada of the Bureau of Working Conditions, said that the DOLE has adopted two tracks in eliminating illegitimate contractualization, including labor-only contracting and ‘endo’.


In the first track, the DOLE Regional Offices conduct a series of consultations and meetings to encourage employers to voluntarily regularize workers who are under ‘endo’ and labor-only contracting arrangements.


For the second track, Labor Laws Compliance Officers (LLCOs) inspect establishments, principals, and contractors which are practicing ‘endo’ and labor-only contracting arrangements.  Those found to be engaged in labor-only are subjected to mandatory conferences to assist them in their compliance with labor standards.


According to Director Curada’s reports, there were 8,001 workers who were regularized after the DOLE Regional Offices conducted 149 consultations which were attended by 10,215  representatives from 7,607 establishments/principals/contractors nationwide.


Of the said consultations/meetings, 129 were held in priority industries where, as a result, 5,733 workers in bilateral arrangements were regularized by 139 establishments. There were also 20 consultations/meetings with region-based contractors and subcontractors which resulted in 2,268 workers in trilateral arrangement being regularized by 56 principals.


In his report, OIC Director Curada also said that 2,531 workers were regularized after assessments/re-assessments of establishments and principals which were hiring workers through contracting and subcontracting arrangements in priority industries.


Of the said figures, 1,889 contractual workers were regularized after assessments/re-assessments of principals engaged in contracting and subcontracting arrangements in priority industries. A total of 642 workers were regularized after assessments/re-assessments of establishments engaged in hiring workers through bilateral arrangement in priority industries


Secretary Bello also reiterated that labor-only contracting, an arrangement where the contractor or subcontractor merely recruits, supplies or places workers to perform a job, work or service for a principal and the worker placed performs work activities directly related to the main business of the principal, is illegal,” said Bello.

He added that the Department is aware that illegitimate contractualization or “endo” practices exist in both bilateral and trilateral employment relationships.

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