1. Statistics of DOLE’s Financial Assistance during COVID-19 Pandemic
    • CAMP
      • CAMP Beneficiary Data by Region (As of 08 September 2020)
      • CAMP Beneficiary by Establishment Size, Philippines
      • CAMP Beneficiary by Major Industry Group, Philippines
  2. Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa ating Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers Program #Barangay Ko, Bahay Ko (TUPAD #BKBK) Disinfection/Sanitation Project
  3. Existing Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) in Private Sector, Newly Filed and Workers Covered and Registered Labor Organizations
    • Number of Existing Labor Organizations and CBAs (2014-June 2020)
    • Number of f Existing Enterprise-Based Unions By Region (2014-June 2020)
    • Number of Existing Enterprise-Based Unions By Industry (2014-June 2020)
    • Number of Existing Public Sector Unions by Region (2014-June 2020)
    • Number of Existing Collective Bargaining Agreements by Region (2014-June 2020)
    • Number of Workers Associations by Region (2014-June 2020)
  4. Establishments Inspected under Complaint Inspection during Quarantine Period (for the period April-August 2020)
  5. Number of Establishments Inspected, Compliance rate and number of workers covered by Region, Philippines (January 1, 2019 – August 31, 2020)
  6. Quarantine Period
  7. Alien Employment Permits (AEPs) Issued by Nationality (2012 to 2019)
  8. Annual Labor Statistics
  9. Statistics on BPO Industry
  10. Daily Minimum Wage Rates

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