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The BUREAU OF LOCAL EMPLOYMENT (BLE) is a ‘bureau’ under the Department of Labor and Employment which aims to improve the local labor and employment situation in the Philippines. Its mission is to promote full employment by facilitating access of Filipino jobseekers to local employment opportunities through policy researches, standards setting, strategy development, labor market analysis and provision of technical assistance to regional implementers in support of employment service operations.

Programs and Services offered by the BLE:


The BUREAU OF LABOR RELATIONS (BLR) covers the important aspects of labor relations, to wit:

  • set the environment for a healthy relationship by making both the employer and the employee aware of their rights and obligations (using LEES).
  • promote collective negotiations (by advocating the right to self-organization). We provide mechanisms to fix strained relationships through adjudication.
  • foster an environment where employers and employees can reach a compromise regarding their issues and contribute in policy-making (through the TIPC).
  • an embodiment of the President’s overarching goal of promoting industrial peace based on social justice.

Programs and Services offered by the BLR:


The BUREAU OF WORKING CONDITIONS (BWC) primarily performs policy and program development and advisory functions for the Department in the administration and enforcement of laws relating to labor standards.The BWC has the following functions:

  1. Develops and prescribes labor standards as well as policies, programs and devices on its administration and enforcement;
  2. Exercises technical and functional supervision over the regional offices on the administration and enforcement activities including developmental programs, projects and activities;
  3. Conducts researches in aid of safety standards, policy programs, measures and devices development on labor standards and its administration and enforcement;
  4. Provides knowledge and information services on labor standards data, programs and enforcement activities; and
  5. Performs other functions as may be required by law or assigned by the Secretary of Labor and Employment in the administration and enforcement of labor standards.

BWC’s Programs and Services :


The BUREAU OF WORKERS WITH SPECIAL CONCERNS (BWSC) develops policies, programs, projects and systems and provides advisory and technical assistance to the Office of the Secretary and the Regional Offices relative to the development and protection of the workers with special concerns, towards their decent and productive employment.

As such, the BWSC performs the following basic functions for its clientele:

  1. Formulates, recommends and advocates policies for their protection, welfare and empowerment;
  2. Develops and manages programs and projects on welfare, protection and entrepreneurship and other self-employment schemes;
  3. Provides technical and advisory services to the Office of the Secretary, DOLE regional offices and other stakeholders;
  4. Facilitates clients’ access to training and education opportunities to develop and enhance their employability as wage or self-employed workers; and
  5. Establishes, sustains and strengthens inter-agency partnerships and collaboration with local and international organizations and institutions to mobilize resources and enhance program advocacy and implementation.

Programs and Services offered by the BWSC:


The INTERNATIONAL LABOR AFFAIRS BUREAU (ILAB) is primarily responsible for developing policy and program recommendations and operating standards relative to international labor and employment concerns; and for monitoring the country’s observance and implementation of its obligations/commitments. courtesies and facilities required by international organizations.

It is also responsible for providing advisory service to the Office of the Secretary in the supervision, monitoring and reporting of operations/activities of the Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLOs) and the Migrant Workers and Other Filipino Resource Centers (MWOFRCs) in different parts of the world.

Programs and Services offered by the ILAB:

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