Working in DOLE

Decent and productive employment for every Filipino worker. This is the vision by which the DOLE continues to live by. Every day, we seek the promotion of gainful employment opportunities, advancement of workers' welfare, and maintaining of industrial peace. Working at DOLE takes you places: at worksites around the country and at our overseas posts in countries where we find OFWs. At DOLE, we attend to the needs of employees and employers alike, promoting harmonious, equitable, and stable employment relations that assure equal protection for the rights of all concerned parties. We optimize the development and utilization of the country's human resources. We are forerunners in international forums that push for just and human working conditions.

Like you, we are people-centered, values-driven, professional, responsive, and passionate about our work.

Whether you are a new graduate or a professional who wants to work for the government, DOLE welcomes you. We believe that your talents and skills will help us continue to move closer to our vision.

So visit our website and explore endless opportunities of professional and personal development in a career in our organization.

DOLE Jobs: Our Services, Bureaus, and Regional Offices

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) continues to look for individuals who can join us fulfill our vision of decent and productive employment for every Filipino worker in the following areas of our work:

DOLE Services

Our Services are responsible for providing advice and support services relating to their respective areas of concern, so as to ensure Department’s efficient, effective and economical operations.

  • Administrative
    Join us in providing the Department with efficient, effective and economical services relating to building administration and maintenance, records management, supplies, equipment, collections, disbursements, security and custodial work.
  • Financial and Management
    Make use of your organization and process skills in managing of our Department’s budgetary, financial and management improvement matters.
  • Human Resource Development
    Put into use your interpersonal skills and assist us in attracting, developing, and retaining the best people in DOLE. Our HRDS is responsible for administering personnel programs, selection and placement, career and employee development, performance evaluation, employee relations and welfare, as well as providing program and corresponding projects that shall make available training, education and development opportunities needed to upgrade the levels of competence and productivity.
  • Internal Audit
    Use your analytical and assessment skills in achieving effective and efficient fiscal administration through the development and implementation of internal control system, as well as being on guard on the prevention and detection of fraud or dishonesty in the Department through reviewing of cases involving misuse of agency property and checking of transactions with outside parties.
  • Labor Communications
    Have a knack for writing news? Your writing, love for details, and interpersonal skills will help us disseminate the latest news and information on labor and employment. Get to monitor and analyze tri-media issues affecting the Department and initiate appropriate and timely action and responses.
  • Legal
    Take the challenge of providing legal advice, service and assistance to the Department and its employees through preparation of informative and clarificatory opinions on labor laws, rules and regulations.
  • Planning
    Employ your management and planning skills by providing support to the Department’s corporate planning, monitoring, and evaluation of plans necessary for the achievement of our vision and mission. Join us, too, in developing and maintaining our management information system.


DOLE Bureaus

Our Bureaus primarily perform policy and program development and advisory functions for the Department in the administration and enforcement of laws along their respective areas of specialization.

  • International Labor Affairs Bureau
    Join us in developing policies, plans, programs, projects, procedures, and standards relative to labor and employment concerns abroad. Lend a hand in monitoring the operations of our Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLOs).
  • Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics
    Love reading in-between the numbers? Use your analytical skills and take part in formulation, development, and implementation of plans and programs on the labor statistical system, thus providing the government with timely, accurate and reliable data on labor and employment.
  • Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns
    Help us offer assistance relative to development and protection of informal and rural workers, including sugar workers, women workers, young workers, working children, and elderly workers.
  • Bureau of Working Conditions
    Curious about how good working conditions affect workers? Let your research skills be employed in aid of standards, policy programs, and devices development on labor standards, its administration, and enforcement.
  • Bureau of Labor Relations
    Labor union permits and collective bargaining agreements; just two of the labor-relation registrations that we handle. Set policies, standards, and procedures in the registration and supervision of legitimate labor union activities, as well as examine records of labor organizations to determine compliance with relevant laws.
  • Bureau of Local Employment
    Assist us in making sure that the best Filipino employees are hired by the best companies here and abroad. Your organizational and interpersonal skills, as well as research skills, will be put into action through the continuous development and implementation of a National Employment Plan in coordination with social partners. Moreover, help us maintain the three important employment portals: the Career Guide, (the official job hunt site of the Philippine Government), and Public Employment Service Offices (PESOs).

DOLE Regional Offices

What our Bureaus develop and enforce, our Regional Offices implement. The men and women in our Regional Offices continue to provide economical, efficient, and effective services to the people in coordination with local government units. Our offices are located strategically in the Philippine archipelago for easy access to labor and employment services.

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DOLE Attached Agencies

DOLE’s 12 attached agencies assist in promoting gainful employment opportunities, advancement of workers’ welfare, and maintain industrial peace. Our attached agencies initiate policies, programs, researches, conduct effective conciliation and mediation and speedy labor or industrial settlements, as well as administer certifications that benefit employees and employers, helping companies put safe, healthy, and conducive workplaces.

Visit the Quick Links (clickable; linked to page) in our home page to check the career opportunities offered by our attached agencies.


Growth and Development

"It's all to do with the training: you can do a lot if you're properly trained."
- Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain

In DOLE, every employee is valued. We help each other grow and develop to the fullest potential. We think of training as an important part of career development of all our employees, and they come in different sets. Training takes the form of on-the-job training, job enrichment, and structured training both locally and overseas. Informal learning sessions, such as sharing of what one has learned in a recently-attended training of co-employees, also take place.

As soon as you enter DOLE, you will undergo an induction program. DOLE also gives core training programs for technical and administration positions, supervisors and middle managers, and directors. We also take into consideration the future of the Department by honing the knowledge, skills, and attitude of the finest people of the organization through the DOLE Next Gen of Leaders, our management succession program.

To match our training programs and initiative, the Department also offers scholarships for completion of Bachelor’s, Graduate, or Post-Graduate studies, as well as attendance to review classes or refresher courses. Scholarships could either be of local and foreign.