The DOLE-AMP is a nationwide safety net program that provides a package of assistance and other forms of interventions as a means of helping individuals / workers and companies, particularly the distressed, in coping with economic and social disruptions. It gives priority to enhancing competitiveness and employability of workers and assist companies (particularly the distressed ones) in adopting socially-responsible workforce restructuring policies and positive workforce adjustment measures geared at preventing and/or minimizing job losses.

Administration arrangements of the package of immediate assistance may take three (3) forms: 1) through direct implementation by the Department and its Regional Offices of the programs; 2) through technical and/or financial assistance to qualified proponents; and 3) through DOLE institutional capability-building. Types of assistance include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. job search services (including local or overseas employment facilitation)
  2. livelihood / entrepreneurship / enterprise development
  3. labor-management education
  4. customized trainings and intensive skills development / enhancement
  5. financial assistance
  6. legal assistance (including conciliation-mediation and arbitration)
  7. formulation of an internal adjustment/restructuring plan (i.e., for companies affected)

In order for proponents to access the package of assistance, documentary requirements shall be submitted to the concerned DOLE Regional Office and/or Field Office for evaluation, recommendation and endorsement for approval by the DOLE Central Office. Upon approval, the appropriate Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) or contract between DOLE and the proponent shall be executed accordingly. All MOAs or contracts shall include a Certificate of Funds Availability by the DOLE’s Chief Accountant and duly approved by the Undersecretary concerned and the Secretary, as the case may be.

Other guidelines are also being issued (as necessary) by the Department or its offices concerned with the implementation of new and/or ongoing AMP-related projects.