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Labor Advisory No. 07-14 Payment of Wages for Private Sector Employees Due to Inclement Weather or Natural Calamities  Jul 17th, 06:04 
Labor Advisory No. 06-14 Payment of Wages for the Regular Holiday on July 29, 2014 in Observance of EID'L FITR (Feast of Ramadhan)  Jul 17th, 04:37 
Labor Advisory No. 05-14 Payment of Wages for the Special (Non-Working) Day in the City of Manila on June 24, 2014  Jun 25th, 01:27 
Department Advisory No. 01-14 Occupational Safety and Health Protection Tips for Kasambahays and Employers (OSH Tips)  May 14th, 08:21 
Labor Advisory No. 04-14 Exemption of Bus Operator-Driver from Part-Fixed, Part-Performance Compensation Scheme for Bus Drivers and Conductors under Department Order 118-12  May 14th, 08:07 
Labor Advisory No. 03-14 Payment of Wages for the Special (Non-Working) Days in the City of Davao on March 16 and 17, 2014  Apr 25th, 08:55 
Department Order No. 138-14 Authority for Philippine Recruitment Agencies to Conduct Arabic Language Training  Apr 25th, 08:48 
Department Order No. 137-14 Guidelines in the Implementation of the Department of Labor and Employment Integrated Livelihood and Emergency Employment Programs (DILEEP)   Apr 2nd, 06:10 
Labor Advisory No. 02-14 Payment of Wages for the Regular Holidays and the Special (Non-Working) Day in April and May, 2014   Apr 1st, 06:12 
Labor Advisory No. 01-14 Time and Interval of Payment of Wages in Subcontracting/Job Contracting Arrangement under Department Order No. 18-A, Series of 2011  Apr 1st, 06:04 
Department Order No. 136-14 Guidelines for the Implementation of Globaly Harmonized System (GHS) in Chemical Safety Program in the Workplace  Mar 6th, 08:11 
Department Order No. 135-14 Guidelines Implementing the Emergency Employment Assistance for Sugar Workers Affected by Super Typhoon "Yolanda"  Jan 27th, 06:01 
Department Order No. 134-14 Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in the Pyrotechnic Industry   Jan 16th, 09:04 
Department Order No. 133-13 Guidelines for the Deployment of the Enhanced Phil-Jobnet Web-Based Application System  Dec 27th 2013, 10:20 
Labor Advisory No.14-13 Payment of Wages and Other Benefits for the Regular Holiday on January 1, 2014 and the Special (Non-working) Day on January 31, 2014  Dec 27th 2013, 10:07 
Labor Advisory No. 13-13 Payment of Wages and other benefits for the Regular Holidays on December 25 and 30, 2013 and Special (Non-working) Days on December 24 and 31, 2013  Dec 6th 2013, 02:31 
Labor Advisory No. 12-13 Payment of Thirteenth Month Pay  Dec 6th 2013, 02:14 
Labor Advisory No. 10-13 Payment of Wages for Private Sector Employees Due to Inclement Weather or Natural Calamities  Nov 12th 2013, 09:14 
Labor Advisory No. 09-13 Payment of Wages for the Special (Non-working) Holiday on November 25, 2013  Oct 29th 2013, 08:53 
Department Order No. 40-H-13 Amending Rule XXII of the Implementing Rules of Book V of the Labor Code of the Philippines  Oct 29th 2013, 05:59 
Labor Advisory No. 08A-13 Payment of Wages and Adoption of Safety Measures for Private Sector Employees Affected by the 15 October 2013 Earthquake in the Visayas Region  Oct 23rd 2013, 08:11 
Labor Advisory No. 08-13 - Payment of Wages for the Regular Holiday on October 15, 2013  Oct 11th 2013, 09:43 
Labor Advisory No. 07-13 Payment of Wages for the Special (Non-Working) Holiday on October 28, 2013  Oct 11th 2013, 09:39 
Department Order No. 132-13 Guidelines on Maritime Occupational Safety and Health  Aug 15th 2013, 02:10 
Department Order No. 131-13 Rules on Labor Compliance System  Jul 30th 2013, 05:16 

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